If Romance is Not for You, Try Friends with Benefits

There are friendships that have a plus factor. It’s a kind of relationship known as “friends with benefits.” That means platonic, friendly relations into the kind that includes sex. Friends with benefits (FWBs) is a kind of relationship that is quite popular. A recent survey conducted in the US showed that 60 percent of college students had at least one friends-with-benefits relationship in their life. 


What exactly is FWBs

To have a friend with benefits means that you cross the line. This line is the platonic stance that identifies people as friends. Though having sex with a friend has been happening since time immemorial, it was only in the past few decades that the term was coined to identify this specific kind of relationship.

It is not casual sex dating nor is it one that commits a future together. It does have close bonds and there is an emotional tie. It is not a monogamous relationship nor is it a stopover. It can be a stepping stone to a more serious relationship.

More than a crush

Many people are typically friends first before they have a long-lasting relationship. That is because friends can be attracted to each other. A common occurrence is to have a crush on a best friend. But, having a friend with benefits means that the relationship has not changed the emotional level and sex was added to the pot.

Disadvantages of the ‘benefits’

Still, there are setbacks of making out with a friend. There are many friendships that dissolve when one steps over the line. The relationship can become complicated when love steps in. Friends are hard to come by and the sex might happen after a drinking bout, followed by a hangover in the morning that is filled with regret.

A little romance

Romance does have the loveliest moments. Falling in love is a wonderful thing. However, relationships based on emotional connection can go haywire. When we think about how complicated relationships can be, we might believe that friends with benefits is the simplest choice. You get the perks without the commitment, and it would be a ‘friendly-fuck.’ However, we cannot ignore the fact that since we are human, we do have feelings. These can develop and one might fall in love with their friends.

There are also the intricacies of our minds. It would be difficult to set ourselves apart totally to a friend. There are some who can do so after a sexual encounter but there are many who cannot just forget that it happened, and want a closer relationship.

About relationships

The sad truth is that when relationships end, there is a lot of sour-graping and point-blaming. Keeping in mind that the other person does deserve respect, to be friends is the ideal thing to do. Even if one is married to a person, the respect that is the golden lining of friendship must be kept in place.

Relationships dissolve no matter how hard we try to keep it. If the person is a friend, then if they eventually drift away, there will be no bitterness. If you cannot handle a long-term relationship, nor do not want to go sex dating, then you would like to try having friends with benefits.